Transpotation Surveillance

What if you could implement a modern, state-of-the-art surveillance system that enables you to:

  • Create a safer transportation environment

  • Reduce costs for vandalism and graffiti

  • Efficiently monitor cargo and property

  • Reduce incident response times

  • Quickly decide the correct incident response

  • Public transport

  • Aviation

  • Maritime

  • Traffic

  • Cargo

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The very latest information at your hands
The demand for real-time traffic and infrastructure information is rapidly increasing. With a network video solution, it is easy to share high-quality live video from highways, intersections, tunnels, bridges and main commuter routes with multiple target groups, thus bringing a wide range of benefits:

  • Traffic management centers can quickly redirect traffic to minimize congestions

  • First responders can quickly determine the best route and see what to expect upon arrival

  • News stations can provide detailed traffic information to their viewers and listeners

  • Commuters can access live video over the internet and make travelling decisions based on the current situation

  • Maintenance crews get a great help in prioritizing their work orders